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Funicolare San Salvatore departure station, Via delle Scuole 7, 6900 Paradiso, Switzerland
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Ride up to Monte San Salvatore from Paradiso and enjoy breathtaking views over Lugano and the lake. Find out more about the mountain in the museum. Read More

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Funicolare Monte San Salvatore SA


Discover Mount San Salvatore, the so-called Sugarloaf Mountain of Switzerland, on your own!Take the funicular up to the top of Mount San Salvatore in only 12 minutes and enjoy amazing 360-degrees views over the beautiful scenery. The mountain rises majestically to the skies. Admire the panorama first from the different lookouts and then from the exclusive Capodoro terrace where you’ll find out more about the mountain thanks to geographical satellite maps.Enter the San Salvatore Museum on the summit which once formed an ancient hospice providing shelter to the poor and travelers. Visit the rooms and discover a precious collection of rare religious art that illustrates the history of the Confraternity over the centuries. See an exhibition on the region’s rocks, minerals, fossils and speleology and find out more about the history of the lightning research center.Experience unforgettable moments on Mount San Salvatore: if you're interested in gourmets, culture, and nature, this is the perfect spot for you! If you're a sports enthusiast, you can descend down along the hiking trails to Ciona, Carona, Melide, Morcote, Pazzallo and Paradiso. Enjoy a walk through the unspoiled and regenerating landscape with several lookout points offering magnificent panoramic views.

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Funicular roundtrip. Entrance to the museum


Take the funicular up to the legendary Mount San Salvatore. Enjoy breathtaking 360-degrees views over Lugano and the lake. Learn more about the mountain and its history in the San Salvatore museum. Perfect for the whole family to experience - the more the merrier. Make your friends back home envious with great photo ops

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