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Lindenstraße 9-14, 10969 Berlin, Germany
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Visit the exhibition Redemption Now at Jewish Museum Berlin and benefit from the entrance to the permanent exhibition of the museum. Read More

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Jüdisches Museum Berlin


With this ticket you can enjoy the entrance to the exhibition Yael Bartana - Redemption Now and to the permanent collection of the Jewish Museum Berlin. Let the largest Jewish museum in Europe impress you with its symbolic architecture and exceptional exhibitions. Discover how the zigzag shaped building designed by Daniel Libeskind creates its own language for the Jewish history in Germany - with slanting walls, sharp angles and gaping voids.Rich, diverse and interactive – the core exhibition newly opened in 2020 presents Jewish history and culture in Germany. The exhibition route spans from the early Middle Ages, the emancipation movement of the 18th and 19th centuries, National Socialism and the new start after 1945 right up to the present day. This historical narrative is punctuated with thematic spaces that open perspectives on the diversity of Jewish life.Visit also the large-scale solo exhibition "Redemption Now" of the contemporary video artist Yael Bartana, which investigates the power of imagination and art’s redemptive potential. For more than twenty years, Bartana has been inquiring into grand historical narratives that help to constitute national and other collective identities.The show brings together more than fifty early and more recent works, including video installations, photographs, and neon works. At the core of the show is the commissioned video work "Malka Germania" (Hebrew for “Queen Germania”), which Bartana conceived for the Jewish Museum Berlin and produced at historically charged locations across Berlin. An androgynous savior figure comes to the German capital. Her journey floods the city with scenes from an imagined collective unconscious; past and future merge in an alternative present.

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Admission to the permanent collection. Admission to special exhibitions


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Delve into the diversity of Jewish culture by visiting the permanent exhibition. Visit the first solo exhibition of the contemporary video artist Yael Bartana. Explore the Jewish history in Germany, from the early Middle Ages to the present day. Benefit from this convenient combo ticket for the permanent collection and current exhibition

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