"Trial of Al Capone" at the Challenge Room Ingolstadt
Ingolstadt, Germany
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It's October 6, 1931, and in an hour's time, the verdict will be handed down against one of the greatest criminals of all time. But there is still no solid evidence against Al Capone to put him behind bars for good!Money laundering, drugs, prostitution, gambling, and murders - and there are only a few worthless tax evasions! The mafia boss simply works too thoroughly to be proven guilty of anything. Only one hour remains to finally find the long-awaited evidence to convict Chicago's most dangerous gangster. A real actor will make your experience in this case seem even more realistic.Will you manage to prove to the judge in time that the powerful Al Capone belongs behind bars?

What's included
Detective game with actor
Know Before You Go
Immerse yourself in the world of the mafia and feel like FBI agents. Convict the Mafia boss Al Capone with solid evidence. Let a real actor guide you through the experience in the Challenge Room. Bring your powers of deduction, desire to puzzle, ability to work in a team, and good mood
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