Interactive treasure hunt in Rostock

Sankt-Petri church, Alter Markt 1, 18055 Rostock, Germany
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Explore Rostock during a treasure hunt tour and have fun solving a criminal case! Read More

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Explore Rostock on your own during an interactive treasure hunt, let the entire city become your playing field, and solve a criminal case!Combine a walk through Rostock with an interactive treasure hunt: the old town of Rostock becomes the scene of a criminal case, which you'll solve together as a team. Equipped with a treasure map and your smartphones, go to the meeting point at the “Petrikirche”, where you first distribute the roles. You'll need a team leader who guides you to the fictitious crime scenes, an investigator who won't miss a single clue, a code-breaker who can decipher even the most difficult codes, and many more.On your way through the city center of Rostock, you'll do some research, find mysterious evidence, check alibis and solve tricky puzzles. Solve the criminal case piece by piece, convict the criminal, find a digital treasure and get a small insight into the attractive old town of Rostock with its numerous points of interest like the Stone Gate.During your tour you are flexible in terms of time - so there is nothing to stop you from taking a short break in a small café or one of the local restaurants.

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Participation Tickets. Use of the WebApp and its content. Treasure Map (must be printed out). Self-guided private tour


Discover Rostock during an interactive treasure hunt. Solve a mysterious crime case and find a legendary treasure. Take a stroll through the streets and become part of the city

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