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Drach Caves, Pearl shop with digital museum & Local Market Tour

Drach Caves, Pearl shop with digital museum & Local Market Tour


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Three Majorca musts share top billing on this tour. You'll stroll the stalls of a farmer's market, delve into the depths of the famous Drach Caves and visit the renowned Majorica pearl factory. Xisca, one of our local guides, says, ‘Before you even set foot inside, you call feel something truly spectacular lies ahead. The cave system is a world of secretive caverns and subterranean lakes brought to life by music and light shows.'Your first stop will be the Majorica shop and museum, where possibly the finest imitation pearls in the world are made. See digital displays explaining the manufacturing process before browsing pearl jewellery in the shop. Xisca says, ‘The designs are creative and exquisitely crafted, which is why Majorica jewellery is such a popular birthday or Christmas gift on the island.'It's then on to the weekly market in a country town. Poke around stalls stocked with everything from fragrant fruit and vegetables to aromatic herbs and pungent cheeses. The chance to try products such as Majorca's famous black pig pork is part of the experience. Spicy sobrassada, a spreadable paprika-cured sausage, makes for a great take-home souvenir – and helps local producers. Then, round off the day at Drach Caves. Get the lowdown from your guide on the formation of the system millions of years ago. There are four caves and a large lake, made all the more magical by the special lighting and a classical music concert from a quartet right in the very depths of the caves.