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Enjoy a hassle-free virtual visit to Mycenae from the safety of your home with street and satellite view. Read More

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Experience the citadel of Mycenae while enjoying the safety of your home: access the tour easily, put on your headphones and enjoy a remote visit, through the power of storytelling with street or satellite view. Listen to the fascinating tales about Mycenae’s construction by one-eyed giants and the mythical founding of the city. You'll follow in the footsteps of its early inhabitants while your audio narration will shed light upon many aspects of daily life, fashion, eating habits and funerary traditions of this fascinating civilization. You'll stroll through the ruins where the so-called Mask of Agamemnon was unearthed and you'll see the massive beehive tomb, once believed to be the burial site of King Agamemnon. There you'll admire its jaw-dropping tholos and learn about the king’s murder by his vengeful queen, the notorious Clytemnestra! The virtual tour is made up of audio narration, real images, satellite and street views of the monument and its surroundings. In the most iconic points, you can move forward and backward, turn towards any direction and see what you would really see as if you were there. You'll get to learn important historical facts, discover unknown stories and listen to interesting tales of ancient times and amaze your family and friends. This is an unmissable opportunity to experience the glory of Classical Athens and relate to your surroundings in an entirely original way.

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Virtual tour to Mycenae. Audio narration. Real images. Satellite and street views of the palace and the surroundings. Engaging original stories in English


Live Guide. Headphones. Offline access. Transportation


Enjoy a hassle-free virtual visit to Mycenae from the safety of your home with street and satellite view. Put on your headphones and listen to engaging stories. Explore one of the most famous attractions of Greece and listen to the tales of Homer come alive

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