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Gulab Sagar, India
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Jee Ri Haveli


This experience is inclusive of pick up & drop at your place. Guests will be welcomed with a hot, Cold Ayurvedic beverages. In start of session we’ll do brief discussion regarding guest’s intention and expectation from yoga class.  Then we will start Classical Yoga Workshop by doing some warm up and conscious breathing, a series of body-mind-breath movements are taught in step by step manner     We will divide our yoga class in 3 part. These 3 part as per below. 1. ASTHANG YOGA : is world's oldest and effective concept to cure diseases without medicine. Learn Asthang yog aasans and pranayam to increase body strength, flexibility and balance. 2. MEDITATION YOGA : unifies the mind, body and spirit and correct learning and practice of it will permanently cure weak memory, anger, low I.Q. , concentration loss, hypertension, depression, dissatisfaction etc. Specially for them who seek inner peace. 3. MUDRA YOGA : An ancient Indian thumb and finger combination technique done with your own convenience while moving, talking, travelling, sitting, standing & before sleeping to sure chronic diseases in short span of time.

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