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Gouda center, Gouda, The Netherlands
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Discover Gouda in a unique way: find clues and complete the puzzle in an escape app-guided tour! Read More

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Gouda is known for her delicious cheese. But this image did not come out of thin air. Schoonhoven, the nearby village, also has tasty cheese. And they had a cheese girl liked by many influential rich men. During this Escape Tour you will wonder through Gouda trying to find the secret escape out of the city.The cheese girl, Dirkje, wanted to sell her cheese in Gouda. And even though King Lodewijk had forbidden this Dirkje still managed to do it. The king discovered and punished her brutally. Because Dirkje was loved the whole population turned against him and king Lodewijk had to flee in order to escape from his own people. Sneak through Gouda, just like King Lodewijk once did, while trying to solve the assignments, difficult questions, and fun riddles. You will play the Escape Tour using an app you'll download before starting the race against the clock. Follow the clues, solve the puzzles to escape the city within 2 hours. The escape attempt starts at the Willem Vroesentuin. Good luck!

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App-guided escape game tour


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Discover Gouda in a unique way using an app. Find the secret escape from the city in teams of 2-4 people. Look for clues, solve puzzles and complete the tasks. Finish first for a chance to end up on the Wall of Fame !

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