Fly Me To The Moon! The Top 13 Space-Themed Vacation Ideas

Space lovers, unite! This is sure to eclipse anything else you’ve already done. So, strap in as we shoot for the stars!

Fly Me To The Moon! The Top 13 Space-Themed Vacation Ideas

Image: Wally Gobetz, Flickr

Space lovers, unite! If you’re looking for something out-of-the-ordinary to do on your next vacation, this blog is sure to eclipse anything else you’ve probably already thought of. There are no half measures here but experiences that are as full as the moon on a clear, dark night. So, strap in as we shoot for the stars - you’re not going to want to miss this.

  1. Kennedy Space Center, Florida

Welcome to the home of NASA - probably the most important and famous space site in the world.

As well as taking you back through the history of the Mercury, Gemini and Apollo missions, you’ll also get the chance to peek into the future of space travel, which is working on upcoming missions to Mars.

Add to this the incredible experience of witnessing a rocket launch, the Astronaut Hall of Fame, a realistic space flight simulation, the chance to get up-close and personal with space equipment, meet actual astronauts and - the piece de resistance - a showcase of the Space Shuttle Atlantis, and you’ll soon see why this makes for a truly out-of-this-world experience.

It doesn’t get more iconic than this. And, while you’re in Florida, you must check out …

2. Walt Disney World, Orlando

No, we haven’t made a mistake: There really are some great space attractions in this globally-loved theme park:

Mission: Space, Epcot. Enjoy a fully-immersive simulated trip to Mars!

Star Tours, Hollywood Studios. Any Star Wars fan is guaranteed to love this simulation, which takes riders through any one of 54 randomized journeys of different planets from the Star Wars universe. That means you can do the ride repeatedly and get a different experience each time!

Space Mountain, Magic Kingdom. A futuristically-space-themed roller coaster awaits!

3. The Desert, Arizona

Home to a number of the few remaining International Dark Sky Locations in the world (designated areas that are protected from light pollution, thus offering exceptionally starry nights), Arizona is the perfect place to experience the atmosphere as it’s always been done.

4. Lake Titicaca, Peru

At a breathtaking altitude of almost 4,000m, you’ll feel closer to the moon just by being at this incredible lake - one of the world’s largest. On a clear night, you won’t even need any special equipment to view the Milky Way in all its glory.

5. Space Center, Houston

You won’t have a problem getting intimate with all-things-space here in Houston! See real-life spacecrafts, spacesuits, Moon rocks, astronaut training facilities and exhibits on the future of space travel under one roof, while an ever-changing calendar of events boasts an impressive range of speakers and presentations. You can even have lunch with a NASA astronaut!

6. Night Sky, South Africa

Where better to see the Big Five of the night sky (Southern Pleiades, Omega Centauri, eta Carinae Nebula, Coal Sack and Milky Way) than South Africa - home, also, to the Big Five game animals? There’s just something incredibly poetic about that, right?

7. Smithsonian Air and Space Museum, Washington D.C.

This world-famous museum boasts some of the most important artifacts of space history and, as such, should top the list of any die-hard galaxy fan. Expect to see a range of famous space shuttles, general memorabilia, the historic Albert Einstein Planetarium - a fully immersive 360-degree theater that will make you feel as if you’re literally in the sky - and the Lockheed Martin IMAX Theater, which screens movies about space and air travel.

8. Intrepid Sea, Air and Space Museum, New York City

What it lacks in actual space, New York certainly makes up for in terms of intergalactic space, with not one but two must-visit attractions while in the city.

Housed in a retired aircraft carrier - Intrepid - which was a NASA recovery vessel in the 60s, this should definitely feature on the itinerary while in the Big Apple.

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9. American Museum of Natural History, New York City

Second on the Big Apple list is this much-loved institution, not far from Central Park, that’s home to the Rose Center for Earth and Space, which features a giant globe, model solar system, Willamette meteorite (a 15,000kg space rock that fell to Earth 13,000 years ago!) and the Hayden Planetarium.

Experience one of the Central Park carriage rides while you’re here!

10. The California Science Center

What’s special about this offering is that along with American vessels, you’ll see spacecrafts from outside of the country, too. It’s also totally free to visit - win-win!

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11. Griffith Observatory, Los Angeles

Perched high in the Hollywood Hills is this historic, architecturally-beautiful observatory that’s brought the galaxy a little closer to home to millions of people since 1935! You’ll also find the Samuel Oschin Planetarium here, which shows fascinating films and features astronomy lectures.

Float along one of the swan boats while you’re here!

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12. Mauna Kea, Hawaii

Calling all adrenaline junkies! This legendary observatory can be found in the mountains of Hawaii’s largest island - located over 9,000 feet above sea level - and, as such, is an unbeatable place to gaze up at the stars, assisted by the on-site telescopes. A seriously unique way to experience the night sky.

13. The Atacama Desert, Chile

AKA South America’s largest astronomical observatory, you can book a stargazing tour here from a professional astronomer who - with the help of 10 high-powered telescopes - will teach you how to identify stars and take the best photos.

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To infinity - and beyond!