Image by Andrew Martin from Pixabay

POW! BANG! WHAM! It’s only just gone and been Comic Book Day - meaning we obviously had to find the best-related activities in America - and do it in style!

So, settle down and enjoy …

Tripening Travels!

Inside a post-pandemic world, comic book enthusiasts are desperate to travel far and wide in order to channel their inner superheroes. Suddenly …

The Bronson Caves, Los Angeles

“Wow! Check out the entrance to the Batcave from the classic 1960s show!”

“They also served as the backdrop for the movie, y’know.”


“Well, while we’re here, you know we’ve also gotta check out …


They rush to the DC Universe exhibit.

“Wonder Woman! Batman! Superman! Aquaman! The Flash! I’m LOKI digging this place!”

As well as …

Madame Tussauds Hollywood


(What? You didn’t think they’d come to Hollywood and NOT take a selfie with Iron Man, Thor, Captain America and Wolverine? - Ed)

With the next event planned for November 26th, our comic book enthusiasts are just in time (if a teeny bit early, but who’s counting? - Ed) for …

San Diego Comic-Con

“I seriously can’t wait to dress up as my favorite comic book hero with like-minded attendees!”

“Me too!”

“This year, it’s a smaller, supplemental event called Special Edition, thanks to the whole, y’know, pandemic thing, but I’m sure it’s still gonna be KICK-ASS!”

“So far, they’ve announced Kevin Eastman - Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles artist, Dustin Nguyen - Batgirl artist and Sam Maggs - writer of Rick & Morty will be attending!”

“I can HARLEY wait.”

(Groan - Ed)

Meanwhile, over in Superman’s hometown …

Metropolis, Illinois

“Hey! Check out those mahoosive statues of Superman and Lois Lane!”

“Don’t forget that epic chunk of kryptonite!”

Not far from here, our comic book enthusiasts can also check out the ...

Old Chicago Main Post Office, Illinois

“Yet another filming location for Batman AND Transformers!”

“And all totally free! More money to spend on actual comic books, hey?”

While in New York …

Brooklyn Superhero Supply Co.

Our comic book enthusiasts are speeding over the Brooklyn Bridge faster than Flash to get to this incredible offbeat warehouse …

“Hey! Don’t they have like every type of superhero shtick here to channel your inner comic-book character?”

“You bet!”


“You know what else is awesome?”


“The Superhero Bus Tour! Race ya!”

The comic book enthusiasts scramble over each other to get to the starting point of this incredible guided tour.

“Hey, that’s where the Avengers fought for humanity! Look at the set locations from Spider-Man and Batman! This is blowing my mind!”


(Not literally - Ed)

“Phew! All that excitement has left me starving!”

“Me too. I wonder if there’s somewhere nearby and comic-book-themed that we can eat …”

“Burger & fries - coming right up!”

Welcome to …

Action Burger, Brooklyn

“Now wait a minute …”

“The tables are covered in classic comic-book clippings from original editions!”

“And look how many old-school video games there are to play!”

Well, what did you expect from America’s only comic-book-themed restaurant? - Ed

The End