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It’s never too early to start planning your summer holiday - especially if you want to get the cheapest deal possible! So, what are our top tips to help achieve this? Follow us, dear reader!

  1. Go off season

This one isn’t going to suit everyone, obviously - especially if you have kids of school age - but if you’re foot-loose and fancy-free, going off-peak is going to be the best (and easiest!) way to get a good deal (not to mention the fact that your vacation will be a lot quieter, too - win-win!).

2. Book early …

Things are usually cheaper the further ahead you book (the early bird catches the … best deal and all that). Six months in advance, or so, tends to be the sweet spot for the best prices.

3. … Or as late as you can

If you’re flexible on dates - and location - (more on this soon!), you might find that booking as close to the wire as possible is going to work in your favor. Last-minute deals from companies trying to fill spaces tend to start coming out around eight weeks before departure, which leaves just the right amount of time to research, book and enjoy some pre-vacation excitement!

4. Be flexible

And that’s the bottom line, really. Flexibility on both dates and location is the winning formula for the most cost-effective getaway (mid-week travel is always going to be cheaper than the weekend, for example). Even if you can’t be as flexible as you’d like, because of the kids or other work commitments, there are other compromises you can make, such as choosing an airport that’s slightly further away.

Other top tips, courtesy of Nick Drewe, Discount Expert at WeThrift, include opting for a staycation, checking for group discounts and getting a sightseeing or city pass when away (some of our most popular ones can be found here, here and here!).

Some of the more affordable destinations, courtesy of Asda Money, include:

  • The Amalfi Coast. “Admiring the sweeping views of the stunning Amalfi coastline in real life may be more affordable than you think. Whether you want to sample the most refined hotels or discover the countless hidden gems, there is an option for you.” Our highlight: Day trip from Rome to Pompeii and Amalfi Coast
  • Dubai. “Staying in one of the world’s most cosmopolitan cities is more achievable than people may think. Dubai has a selection of extraordinary hotels and experiences for you to discover, from exhilarating helicopter rides to jaw-dropping rooftop views from the world’s tallest building.” Our highlight: Dubai jetpack ride

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  • Dubrovnik. “Exploring one of the world’s most magnificent walled cities is a must. Depending on your budget, you could choose to immerse yourself in the Total Game of Thrones experience or unwind with nature in the peaceful botanical gardens and glorious beaches.” Our highlight: Cable car times Dubrovnik
  • Lisbon. “With the sun shining 290 days a year, it is no surprise that Lisbon is a favorite amongst holidaymakers. This beautiful historical city has a wealth of hospitality options, attractions, and hotels to suit a range of budgets, tastes and requirements.” Our highlight: Best tuk tuk tours in Lisbon
  • Los Angeles. “Celebrated for its unique Hollywood glamor and bustling nightlife, there is plenty to discover in this iconic city and an array of budget-friendly restaurants and hotels to enjoy.” Our highlight: Dinner cruise Los Angeles

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  • Santorini. “Regardless of your budget, Santorini is an ideal choice for your next getaway. This Greek Island offers holidaymakers an abundance of stunning scenery, such as the iconic whitewashed buildings with blue-domed tops – it’s clear to see why travelers go back year after year.” Our highlight: Santorini cooking class
  • Bali. “Experience the ‘Land of the Gods’ as a budget traveler or luxury holidaymaker. Nestled between the superb beaches and lush rice fields are a range of reasonably priced accommodation, restaurants, and experiences to suit any budget.” Our highlight: Bali Hai beach club cruise
  • Tulum. “If you are looking for a unique getaway, Tulum will not disappoint. With its exotic wildlife, ancient ruins, and excellent food and accommodation, you’ll wonder why you have never been before.” Our highlight: Xplor Tulum adventure park

Ready to go? We’re right behind you!