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So, you’re thinking about heading to the archipelago in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea - a much-needed Malta holiday. Sounds blissful, but - like any holiday with kids - it can take some planning. Here are our top child-friendly Malta travel suggestions:

  1. Go beach hopping

Ah … Malta beaches. From pebbly to super-sandy, this island has it all - meaning if you were hoping for a semi-relaxing type of holiday (let’s be realistic, you do have the kids in tow!), this just might be the winning formula. Some of our fave child-friendly spots include St. Peter’s Pool (great for older children, assuming they can swim), Mellieħa (or Għadira) Bay (the longest beach with lots of facilities), Golden Bay (offering things like paddle boarding, sailing and windsurfing for older children and gentle sea paddling for younger) and the Blue Lagoon. Malta’s Mediterranean placement gives it an added edge in that summer temperatures can last well into October, meaning you’re guaranteed good beach weather for much of the year.

2. Spend the day in the elegant capital

Made up of intricate cobblestoned streets, historic buildings and quaint gardens, you’ll not only fall in love with Valletta yourself, but the little ones will, too, thanks to the endless play areas and parks.

3. Go under the sea

Let them channel their inner Ariel/Flounder and head underwater with a range of age-appropriate activities. Older kids will be spoilt by the choice of diving opportunities, including lots of different dive schools, while the younger ones in your party will adore the National Aquarium - boasting over 40 tanks and more than 100 different species, including sharks, which you can walk past in the walk-through tunnel. There’s even a well-equipped nautical-themed play area outside, as well as a restaurant.

4. Wing it to Duck Village

Yes, you read that right; there is a little village - complete with miniature houses - for the local ducks to live in, alongside their other friendly neighbors, including cats, rabbits and guinea pigs. Yes, it is as adorable as it sounds and yes, this kind of thing is only possible on a Malta holiday.

5. Step back in time

Malta is filled with record-breaking historical landmarks - did you know, for example, that the Hagar Qim and Mnajdra temples pre-date the Egyptian pyramids by a millennium? Seriously impressive stuff. The children will enjoy the visitor center, which is now equipped with an interactive area that allows them to carve different types of stone and experience a 3D audiovisual introduction to the site. They’ll love the nearby Għar Dalam Cave - full of stalagmites and stalactites - too. There are also many other museums with engaging displays, special effects and historic enactments to keep the little ones interested.

6. Sail down to Popeye Village

If you don’t want the children to be Blu(to) - preventing you from having a holiday that’s strong to the finnich’ - you’d better head on over to the sailor man’s village (and if you don’t have a clue what we’re on about, we’re just going to hang our heads and cry over how old we are for just a minute.). Ahem, ok, back to business, for the uninitiated among you, Popeye was a hugely popular kids cartoon for much of the 20th century, and Popeye Village - in Malta - was purpose-built as a movie set in 1980 for the musical production starring Robin Williams. Today, it’s still a family-favorite entertainment park, featuring play and water areas, puppet shows, movie props and boat rides, as well as dressed-up characters. It’s a guaranteed fun-filled day - even if they don’t know who Popeye is.

7. Visit the other islands

Malta has two sister islands - Gozo and Comino - and you can hop on a ferry to visit them both whenever you fancy a change of scene - and what a scene you’ll be getting! Aquamarine waters, stunning beaches, rock pools and boat rides through caves all await - the perfect activity for both you and your little ones.

Ready to book your flight for what promises to be the Malta holiday of all holidays? You know where we are.

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