5 Reasons To Book A Miami Booze Cruise For Your Bachelorette

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5 Reasons To Book A Miami Booze Cruise For Your Bachelorette

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Your girl’s getting hitched and you want to give her the send-off she’ll never forget. Naturally, you’ve been scouring the reels of the top influencers to gain a slice of the high life when you stumble across a boat, because that’s where all the best parties happen - right? But is it really something you and your friends can do, too?

Hell. Yes.

Here are all the reasons you should seriously consider booking a Miami booze cruise when planning a bachelorette:

  1. It’s affordable

We’re highlighting Miami in particular because, honestly, we don’t think it gets any better, but the truth is there are booze cruises pretty much all over the United States. That means no matter where you are, there’s probably an all-inclusive option with your name on it.

In fact, if there’s a booze cruise going that doesn’t cover everything, is it even a booze cruise at all? You should expect the inclusion of food, alcohol and entertainment in the cost. This - plus the fact that there's nothing to tempt you to spend any more money as there’s nowhere else for you to go - means it works out to be a pretty affordable bachelorette by the end of the night!

2. It’s private

With no other distractions from loud competing revelers, you can be sure that your night will remain an intimate affair - shared solely with your nearest and dearest group of friends. That means before the party really starts, the bride can open up about how she’s feeling before the big day and once the music plays, you’ll be free to let loose without any unwanted attention!

It’s time to dance as if no one (apart from your best group of friends) is watching.

3. It’s safe

Picture the scene: You’re on a night out - a little worse for wear - and have lost count of the number of drinks you’ve downed. It’s the perfect time to get a tattoo, right? Or leave the bride-to-be tied up in a public place?

Or, you could book a party boat ride and ensure that none of your party does anything they’ll regret in the morning.


4. It gives the most phenomenal views

Sure, heading to a club (or three) can be fun, but compare this to an outdoor party, surrounded by the unforgettable views of Miami (downtown, south beach, Biscayne Bay & the port), and it really becomes a no-brainer.

5. There’s no noise limit

You were waiting for this one, weren't you? While all the above points are valid, there’s one standout feature of a bachelorette that’s probably more important than any other: the ability to PARTY HARD without any limit! And that’s where this comes in.

No complaints from the neighbors at this one, thank you very much!

A Miami Booze Cruise: What To Expect

An open bar, unlimited mixed drinks and snacks, bar games, a live DJ and the most stunning views for days on a three-hour party boat cruise along the pristine waters of Miami!

Book well in advance as - unsurprisingly - this party boat in Miami is often sold out!

Book your booze cruise Miami today

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