Pirates Of The Caribbean 2022: 8 Best Themed Vacations

Are you a die-hard Pirates of the Caribbean fan and desperate to experience it all first-hand? This way to the treasure --->

Pirates Of The Caribbean 2022: 8 Best Themed Vacations

Image: Gage Skidmore, Flickr

Unlike Captain Jack Sparrow, we’re pretty honest about our travel recommendations. This is why, if you’re a die-hard Pirates of the Caribbean fan and desperate to experience all there is to experience surrounding the movie franchise, you’re in the right place. Not all treasure is silver and gold, after all!

  1. Jamaica

Port Royal was the Caribbean’s piracy capital before being completely obliterated by an earthquake in 1692. It was never to regain its former prosperity - until Ted Elliott and Terry Rossio, along with The Walt Disney Company, decided to feature it (albeit not actually here) as one of the most treasured, most iconic scenes in the franchise, when Johnny Depp's Jack Sparrow makes his entrance, holding onto the mast of a sinking ship.

You can still see the incredible ruins of what was once one of the largest ports in the world today.

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2. Saint Vincent and the Grenadines

Wallilabou Bay. As Port Royal - as it once was - no longer exists, the first of several locations in Saint Vincent and the Grenadines served as the notorious pirate’s haven instead. The town has preserved the set design from the movies, meaning you can follow in the actual footsteps of Jack Sparrow et al.!

Bequia. Filmmakers shot scenes for The Curse of the Black Pearl here.

Petit Tabac. Serving as the location for Rum Runner Isle, where Captain Barbossa left Jack Sparrow to die twice, is this small island. Raise a glass and sip on rum as you experience the feeling of being stranded (possibly a highly attractive offer if you’ve got kids!).

3. Disneyland, California

We should have started with this, really - being the actual inspiration behind the movies. That’s right, the Pirates of the Caribbean ride pre-dates the franchise (by a whopping 36 years!), making it an excellent destination for any movie buff and/or anyone who loves Disneyland (read: everyone). Expect highly detailed scenes, incredible special effects and memorable characters providing a heavy mix of action, adventure and fighting on what is still considered one of the world’s most immersive theme park experiences.

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4. Puerto Rico

The final beach scene of the fourth movie, released in 2011, was filmed on the small offshore islands of Palomino and Palominitos in Puerto Rico. Treat yourself to a stay at the iconic El Conquistador hotel, which holds a variety of beach and water activities.

Other scenes were shot at the San Cristobal Fort, which you can tour here.

5. Dominica

The original Pirates of the Caribbean movie helped put this tropical island - boasting dramatic cliffs and lush foliage - on the tourist map.

Key scenes include boat scenes filmed on the Indian River, a cannibal village where Jack Sparrow almost becomes dinner and a fight sequence.

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6. Bahamas

Grand Bahama Island and Exuma feature in scenes in Dead Man’s Chest and At World’s End.

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7. Utah

Based on a real superstition of the same name, Davy Jones' Locker is a fictional, purgatory-type place introduced in Dead Man’s Chest and features prominently in At World’s End.

When Jack Sparrow winds up here, the Black Pearl is beached at the Bonneville Salt Flats in Utah, and you can stay near the action by booking into the Holiday Inn St George, Utah.

8. Universal Studios, Los Angeles

You can visit the sets for the bathhouse, harbor and stilt houses in the fictionalized Singapore here.

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