The 21 Most Relaxing Vacations

From the Maldives to Mexico; Indonesia to Iceland - and everything else in between. Get ready to chill!

The 21 Most Relaxing Vacations

So, we’ve told you why a vacation is so important for stress management - now for the fun part! Check out our most relaxing destinations:

  1. Maldives

As if we really have to explain why! Made up of ring-shaped coral reefs which float in the bluest waters of the Indian Ocean, immaculate beaches and a string of picture-perfect tropical islands - each more breathtaking than the one before - this is relaxation at its best. What’s more, as well as the natural tranquility that a paradise like this affords, the Maldives is also filled with some of the world’s most luxurious spas. Book yourself into one of their famed overwater bungalows and unplug fully from the stresses of everyday life.

2. Tulum, Mexico

Playa Paraiso - translating as ‘Paradise Beach’ - is a quiet, palm-fringed stretch of white sand and calm, clear waters. Swim, sunbathe, snorkel and sip on a cocktail - you really couldn’t ask for anymore.

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3. Canada

  • Banff National Park. Canada’s oldest national park is the perfect vacation spot to hit pause, courtesy of the unique glacial lakes, jagged peaks and cascading waterfalls that call it home. Stay in a cozy-yet-luxurious lakeside lodge to maximize your experience of being surrounded by some of the most spectacular scenery in the world.
  • Lake Louise.  Just looking at this crystal-clear body of water will imbue you with a zen-like feeling that’s simply unmatched.

4. Thailand

It’s hard to choose just one part of ‘the land of smiles’ when it comes to planning a stress-free vacation, so we say do it all! Picture-perfect islands, peaceful temples, secluded beaches and massage huts overlooking the sea are just some of the things you can expect when holidaying here. Phuket remains one of the most popular islands, thanks to its breathtaking beaches and laid-back vibe, the Phi Phi islands offer an abundance of water sporting options and Ao Nang - framed by stunning cliffs - will keep you coming back for more.

5. Indonesia

Bali is, perhaps, one of the most well-known, well-loved relaxing vacation spots - and for very good reason! It’s certainly the place to go for a bit of soul-searching, thanks to the endless yoga, meditation and spa retreats on offer, while the low-key and laid-back vibe - coupled with some of the most breathtaking nature on the planet (the Monkey Forest Park a particular highlight!) - is just what the doctor ordered.

6. Vienna, Austria

If you’re after a place that will offer you the chance to recharge without being too off the beaten track, Vienna is the perfect option. Offering a far less crowded environment than some of its European peers, such as Rome or Paris, while retaining plenty of the same charm for itself, it’s truly the best of both worlds. History, culture and food all await as you meander down the quiet cobblestoned streets.

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7. Iceland

What with the magic of the Northern Lights and iconic waterfalls, the scenery of this incredible country alone is enough to get your relaxing juices flowing. But there’s so much more, courtesy of the natural geothermal pools, hot springs and wellness centers that promise to wash your worries away.

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8. Norway

Between the fjords, glaciers and lakes, Norway will take your breath away with its compelling scenery. Read more: The Best Destinations For 2022: Norway

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9. Nepal

A spiritual center like no other, come here for some Buddhist meditation, yoga classes and plenty of Himalayan hiking opportunities. A serious dose of tranquility awaits. Read more: The Best Destinations For 2022: Nepal

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10. Kyoto, Japan

Renowned for giving a slice of silence and spirituality, the monasteries, temples, gardens, lakes and forests are the perfect accompaniment to a bit of soul searching! Read more: When’s The Best Time To Visit Japan?

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11. Mýkonos, Greece

This charming island offers something for everyone, depending on your definition of relaxation. For some, it might mean letting your hair down and dancing the night away, while for others, you might choose to spend all day on the idyllic beaches, wander through the boutique-lined streets and hop on a catamaran cruise, cocktail in hand. Of course, no one’s saying you can’t do both!

12. The Dead Sea

Floating in the tranquil waters, filled with healing minerals, salts and oils, is a rite of passage while here - especially if you’re really looking to hit pause on a busy lifestyle. Hit up one of the endless luxury mineral spas and allow yourself to be perfectly pampered with a range of treatments.

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13. Tuscany, Italy

Delicious food, world-famous wine and quaint towns - amidst stunning countryside - are the order of the day here. A particular highlight is Montecatini Terme - a little-known town affectionately known as a ‘spa village’ due to its naturally warm and healing pool springs.

14. Mendoza, Argentina

Welcome to wine country! One of the greatest wine capitals in the world, Mendoza offers breathtaking wineries with sweeping views and delicious lunches! A dream destination if you like your downtime with a side of the good stuff.

15. Provence, France

This lesser-known gem in France is often overlooked in favor of places like Paris, but its lavender fields are not to be missed if you’re in search of a quieter vacation.

16. Dubai, UAE

If you like your relaxation with a heavy dose of glamor, this is the place for you. Overflowing with luxury no matter where you look, it offers five-star accommodation, expensive shopping and fine dining, as well as jaw-dropping beaches and world-leading spas.

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17. Lake Bled, Slovenia

Utterly charming and imbued with romance, Lake Bled truly embodies the beauty of this country. A must-visit for all you nature lovers. Read more: The Best Destinations For 2022: Slovenia

18. Sedona, Arizona

The spectacular red rocky cliffs of Sedona contain much more than one of nature’s finest accolades; they are also home to ‘healing vortexes’ said to promote growth! Choose from one of the countless luxury resorts and spas tapping into this boon of relaxation as you soak up the breathtaking views and chilled vibes on offer here.

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19. Molokai, Hawaii

If you’ve always loved the sound of Hawaii but been put off by the tourist factor, think again; this lesser-visited-yet-equally-beautiful island offers everything you could hope for from a stress-free vacation without the heavy footfall of some of the more popular ones. Come here for a secluded beach, away from the bright lights and lively nightlife of the bigger islands.

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20. Jamaica

Famed for its laid-back vibes, come here to soak up the sun on the endlessly white powdery sand, indulge in a spot of water sports, book a beach massage and go horseback riding - all while sipping a cocktail out of a coconut. It’s what dreams are made of.

21. Mauritius

The raison d’etre of this slice of paradise in the Indian Ocean is to help you relax! Endless kilometers of white sandy beach, crystal-clear turquoise waters filled with dolphins and other colorful marine life and luxurious accommodation are all waiting for you.

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So, where will you choose?