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Happy World Vegan Day and the start of World Vegan Month! If you’re already a fully-fledged plant-life follower, we hope you’ll find a few gems here that you weren’t already aware of, and if you’re not but thinking about making some changes for the month of November, you’ll have plenty to fill it with courtesy of these awesomely delicious experiences!

  1. Head to Thailand

Many traditional Thai dishes are already plant-based, meaning you don’t even have to do anything particularly special in the way of food as you’ll pretty much find everything you need readily available to you. In fact, recent data has shown that the Thailand plant-based meat substitute market is set to grow 9.2% by 2025. There are, however, specific vegan tours for the more adventurous, inviting you to sample local dishes, such as tofu red curry.

Food aside, Thailand is filled with incredible islands, and we wrote a blog recently guiding you through the best, which you can check out here!

2. Choose 1 of 3 cities in Japan to experience the Vegan Gourmet Festival

The fact that veganism is not that big in Japan only makes this epic festival - spread across Nagoya, Kyoto and Tokyo - all the more impressive. Usually held a couple of times a year (around March-May and September), as well as the gourmet food on offer (everything from sushi and ramen to burgers and burritos - rounded off, obviously, with an incredible selection of desserts such as donuts and ice cream) - you can also buy vegan products and attend yoga classes.

3. Catch the Vegandale Food Drink Festival in 1 of 5 cities

If you like the sound of this one you’re going to have to be patient, seeing as four of the events have recently been and one was canceled due to Covid, but it’s definitely worth jotting the dates down in the diary for next year! Taking place in Chicago and New York (September), Toronto and Los Angeles (October) and Austin (November 2022), it promises to “bring the best of the vegan world together to exhibit the ease and enjoyment of living without the use of animals.”

Find out more about the festival here

4. Plan a trip to LA

With a population of almost four million, it’s hardly surprising that LA is a hotspot for veganism, as the following will testify to:

  • Vegan Street Food Fair. This epic two-day event in March attracted over 60,000 attendees and 200 vendors back in 2019. As well as offering full-sized portions, all the menus also include small and cheap bites, meaning you can really go to town sampling all there is to offer, and - coupled with the live music, beer garden and entertainment for children - you can easily spend the whole day (if not two!) here. While the main event is in March, each Labor Day there’s a nighttime version, too - perfect for all you party animals! Check out the festival here
  • Eat Drink Vegan. Scheduled for May, this ‘Vegan Coachella’ is held at the Rose Bowl Stadium and attracts over 100 food vendors and 250 beverage companies, offering complimentary samples of wine, beer and cold brews. It’s so big it not only draws in people from across the country but the world, too!

Festivals aside, LA is said to be one of the best US options for vegans - blowing, even, New York out of the water thanks to its cheaper, more accessible and varied eateries.

Build your Los Angeles Bucket List Trip

5. Visit the UK

  • VegFestUK. As its name suggests, this vegan festival is held across multiple cities in the UK and is one of the longest-standing ones, having been founded back in 2003. Since its creation, there have been about 40 VegfestUK events - and counting - offering two days of food (300+ stalls), clothing and cosmetics, talks, music, comedy, movies, cooking demos, fitness classes and kids’ activities.
  • Manchester’s Northern Vegan Festival. Scheduled for November 28, 80 vegan stalls selling essential items and treats will cater to a healthy hoard of festival-goers and 100% of the proceeds will go directly to animal welfare charities. Don’t miss it!

6. Check out the Phoenix Vegan Food Festival

Scheduled tentatively for February, festival attendees can expect to be treated to a day of food, shopping, cooking demos and entertainment from 100 vegan-friendly vendors.

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7. Book Berlin

Berlin remains Europe’s capital of cruelty-free food, according to PETA, with a thriving vegan scene to match. There is a range of food tours to choose from, immersing you in the history of communist Berlin as you line your stomachs with delicious vegan-friendly treats.

Of course, it - unsurprisingly - also hosts a Vegan Summer Festival, totally free of charge and held yearly since 2007. Welcoming over 65,000 visitors, the three-day extravaganza is one of Europe’s biggest, boasting themed tents, eclectic food (think sushi burgers and pink mayo sweet potato fries!), workshops, cooking demos with delicious recipes and live entertainment - both adult and kid-friendly. It’s also, probably, the only event of its kind to offer a speed dating session to make new like-minded friends - or perhaps something a bit more!

Discover Berlin

8. Celebrate World Vegan Day in Australia

Another one to keep an eye on, thanks to the ongoing Covid pandemic that has successfully canceled this event for the last few years, but you can bet your bottom dollar that when this Melbourne-based festival, usually held on a Sunday in November, does come back, it will be bigger and better than ever.

This free event includes over 100 exhibitors and food stands, notable speakers, cooking demos, live music, vegan art, fitness coaches, a kid zone and a fashion show which spotlights vegan designers. You best keep an eye on the website to be the first to know when it’s coming back!

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9. Book Brazil for its Vegfest

Running over four days in São Paulo every fall, it’s run by the Brazilian Vegetarian Society with the aim of making access to veganism easier. More than 5,000 people have attended the free festival over recent years to sample the food, listen to the speakers, take part in cooking demos and enjoy the entertainment on offer here.

Oh, and in case that wasn’t enough, they also run a late-night afterparty for the 18+ crowd, with live music and even more vegan food!

10. Take to Toronto for the Veg Food Fest

Veganism has been on an upward trend here, with a significant increase in plant-based restaurants and shops, and its’ Veg Food Fest - one of North America’s largest - has been running since 1985! Consistently attracting over 40,000 people with 150+ stalls, this three-day bonanza is held every September and features keynote speakers, Q&A sessions, cooking demos, interactive workshops and screenings of documentaries - bookended, of course, by an endless supply of vegan food vendors.

Check out Toronto

11. Eat like a local in Mexico City

This vivacious city is yours for the taking - especially if you’re keen to try the adventurous vegan food on offer - such as cactus and avocado tacos!

Visit Mexico City

No matter where you choose to go, you’re sure to make your buddies green with envy!

12. Tel Aviv

For such a tiny country, you might be surprised to learn that the cosmopolitan hub of Tel Aviv actually hosts the world’s biggest vegan festival in the world! The plant-based scene is huge here, which explains why Tel Aviv is often ranked as one of the top travel destinations for vegans.

Book your Tel Aviv Vegan Culinary Tour here

No matter where you choose to go, we’re sure your buddies will be positively green with envy!