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December is truly the sweetest of months - and not only for the most obvious reason that’s probably sprung to mind, either! No; Christmas aside, December is home to both Hard Candy Day and Candy Cane Day, and, for that reason alone* we bring this honeyed-yet-unique travel guide to you. In keeping with the theme, it’s a short and SWEET one!

(*nothing to do with the fact that we love candy, you understand.)

  1. Switzerland

It’s not news to anyone that Switzerland is something of a chocolate Mecca, but we’ve written about chocolate fairly recently, so won’t tell you something you already know (you can catch up with that delectable blog here!).

What you may be less familiar with, however, is the fact that Switzerland also offers another sweet delicacy. Mässmogge - a hard-shelled sugar candy filled with hazelnut praline - is a real treat for the taste buds in this beautiful, mountain-peaked country.

2. Denmark

The Danes are said to be the second biggest consumers of candy, so it’s hardly surprising that their country is home to some of the finest candy stores in the world. Head to Copenhagen’s famous Sømods Bolcher for some homemade candies like you’ve never seen - or tasted - before (all-natural and preservative-free), while Karamelleriet - also in Copenhagen - offers some of the tastiest caramels on the planet.

3. Dubai

You won’t find a more indulgent destination than Dubai (you can read more about it here), so it’s only fitting that the candy stores are world-class, too. Candylicious, in the epic Dubai Mall, is one of the biggest in the world, filled with every type of candy you can think of (and probably those that you can’t!).

4. Mexico

Don’t get too distracted by the rich chocolate traditions, or you might miss the unique tastes on offer here, such as chile-covered fruit candies!

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5. Canada

Head to Québec City at the start of spring to visit a sugar shack - built in the heart of the forest to collect maple water and turn it into syrup. Thank us later (after tasting some traditional maple taffy, made by pouring maple syrup over clean snow!).

6. Turkey

Pay a visit to Ali Muhiddin Hacı Bekir - a candy store that’s been specializing in Turkish Delight since 1777! (Serious sticking power, hey?) You can also sink your teeth into şekeri - hard Turkish candy.

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7. Poland

If you like your history with a side of candy, you could do a lot worse than this historical walking tour with a ticket to the Sweet Factory! Intriguing legends and fairy tales will keep your kids entertained before finishing up with a lesson in making candies by actual confectioners who will welcome you into their factory - and send you on your way with still-warm delicacies.

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8. Budapest

Enjoy a private guided tour in the heart of Budapest where you’ll get to enjoy famous local candies.

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It’s time to level up that Candy Crush obsession and take it to the real world. You coming?